Saturday, 8 October 2011

I didn't forget to be awesome.

Yesterday was a good day.

1) I wore my PizzaJohn t-shirt and I got quite a number of stares (go google) and I just can't help but giggle whenever I detect someone staring at my shirt XD

2) I managed to get Great Gatsby that I ordered from MPH. (side note: never ever let yourself be serviced by a girl named Dini. She's the skinny, bent-over girl who types goddamn slowly). So now I can boast that I own even more books that I have not gotten around to read.

3) While getting home, I rode the same elevator as my Bollywood star lookalike boss (he's really cute, ask the girls in the office and they'll agree). We small-talked while I was walking to my car and he to the temple (he always goes to the temple). In general, I just hate small talks, coz I never know what to say but yesterday was different. It was like a fangirl talking to a superstar, you know? He's married btw, and his baby is due anytime soon :D

4) When I got home you know what my mum found in the mail? ELLEN HARDCASTLE. It was shipped by the record company on 7th Sept and I was starting to worry that (a) it has been lost or "lost" in the mail (b) the customs had considered it violating some copyright law or some entertainment industry law and "confiscated" it. Thank god it arrived safely :D

In conclusion, I had an awesome day :)

You have an awesome one too. DFTBA.


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