Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Good day to you!


New blogskin!!!!

I've been doing grown-up stuff lately which is the reason why I've not updated for a very long time.

I've recently come across videos from 2 brothers on Youtube and their channel is named vlogbrothers.

Basically they are brothers John and Hank Green and they had a project called Brotherhood2.0 (like Web2.0, geddit?) in year 2007 whe in the whole year, they would alternate weekdays to make a vlog post. EVERYDAY.

It's a very interesting project. You can see them talking about their lives, their family and their wives and all. And most of all you see them happy being nerds. (the best part XD).

John would frust about writing his books and Hank would talk about green tech and sing, they're just real talented nerds.

For me, it's just embarrassing to talk in front of a camera and also I like to hide behind paragraphs so watching them do it is so much cooler.

Also, watch this vid of Hank singing about Harry Potter :D


Ok about me, owner of half of 2SCBs stocks.

Work is stabilising, don't have to stay that late anymore nowadays, so that's good news.

So whoever's reading this probably already knows I work for Citibank (URGH OPPRESSED CORPORATE LAMB, I HAVE BECOME ONE). And the phone banking department is called Citiphone.

Recently, there has been a competition for worldwide (i think so?) Citiphoners to take part in a "Citiphone Got Talent" thing. Citiphoners have been rallied to submit their own songs and they would filter out the best one to represent APAC.

And, one of our very talented Citiphoner named Faidzal (really cool dude) already had the melody down so it's just the lyrics and the singing and whatnots.

I took interest in it and signed up with a few other people. We composed the lyrics to the song, the musicians took care of the music and we... recorded. (so yeah, i'm a recording "artist" now. BOOYAKASHA!)

We submitted the song and it seems that... we were the only team that submitted. The song got disseminated to the whole platform (spamming everyone's mailbox lol) and people liked it so much that we...

...were asked to guest perform at our annual dinner.


Nerves. Bundle of nerves.

However, come the night of the event, I wasn't so nervous anymore. I was excited: excited to the point you might say I was SEXCITED W00T!!!

And so we marched up the stage and... it felt so un-nervous coz (1) there were other people (2) I was only singing background (3) there was spotlight in my eyes so I could see the audience at all, so thankfully I didn't have to imagine these people naked to overcome stage fright.

We had great fun and I hope we could win this regional thing so we could record a more professional and better edited version of the song.

I'd let you all listen to the song but unfortunately I don't have a copy of it (yet).

But here are some photos from the rehearsals :D


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