Thursday, 13 January 2011

1986 - Present. 25th year on the planet. Impressive.

Okies, haven't blogged in a while, and it's already 2011. I'm pretty late but let me start a REAL post (not considering the youtube vid as an official post lor. official post = post when I cuss and swear about some idjit ya?).

Even though I've been quiet on the blog but I've been announcing my thoughts without filter on FB so I guess everyone who hasn't hidden my posts pretty much knows what's happening. Still swearing at people who piss me off, still avoiding people I don't want to see because I pretty much keep to my tiny but tight circle of friends. I just don't see the point of hanging out with people I can't have a REAL conversation with, ya know?

Still stuck at this shitty job, looking to either switch dept or change job altogether, whichever opportunity comes first. Yeah, I confess I have a shitty job. I don't have a luxury life neh, no gold mine for me and no lottery luck as yet. But doing simple stuff with the right people has been real great. Now getting to have a few more comfy friends at work. People from the office that I could actually hang out with AFTER office hours. That's not been achievable in the past coz I try to compartmentalise my work life and my personal life. Friends from school whom I'm close with, I label them the group of REAL FRIENDS on FB. And work friends have their own group. But lately some work friends have seeped into the REAL FRIENDS circle. Baby steps!

Learnt how to drive in the past year, and now I'm getting every chance possible to chauffeur keluarga and kawan around. Shoddy driving skills but hopefully it'll get better in time. End goal: Be a safe driver.

Went and came back from land of the foreign brides. Nice place, great food, pretty girls. Too much walking though, nearly kaput from all the walking.

FINALLY got the minibar I won from my company dinner's lucky draw. It took them long enough to ship it from KL. After the sleepover at Pang's and after I sent Vinitha home (see? been happily chauffeuring people) I headed to Jusco Tebrau and FINALLY got the fridgey huhuhuhuh... Didn't get enough sleep the previous night (even tho it's called "sleepover", there's usually none or very little sleep involved in sleepovers) so I waited for them to get the fridge while catching a nap. Really fell asleep in Jusco.

Getting prepped for CNY, CAN'T FUCKING WAIT FOR CNY HUAHAHAHAHAHAH. Already finished a carton of Shandy (NOT singlehandedly lar), maybe getting 2 more cartons for CNY? Stocked up on Coke and 100PLUS (in my iddle minibar :D) and now waiting for BAK KUA TIME coz bak kua time = happy time.

This year's CNY is gonna be different for my brother and I. Since I've gotten my driver's license, my brother can step down as the CNY chauffeur for my mum and avoid hanging out with boring uncles and aunties during visits. It's gonna be ok for me ba, since if I show up there's a higher chance of me getting an ang pau... Just 卖笑lo. Smile and get money. XD

The past year has been about clearing debts. 2011 will continue that pattern and also for many years to come it will be that way (PTPTN, paying for my car, possibly more debt when we buy a house). It's a marker that I've become an adult; physically it happened quite some time ago but psychologically and financially, it's just happened. Don't know to be glad or sad. Glad coz I get my independence but sad because...



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