Wednesday, 2 June 2010


Singaporeans (most of them, especially the ones born in 70's) are total brats.

They assume that people will give them what they want, when they want it if they make enough noise.

Don't they realise that it is all petty behaviour and in only serves to show how narrow minded and immature they are? They just look like brats who think they are so "atas" just because they have first class facilities.

Guess what, they don't even have first class mentality to match the canggih things they have on that small island (which I hope sinks to the bottom of the sea soon) and it gets worse if you take them out of their country.

The moment you put them in Malaysia, they start to show their real colours.

Goyang kereta bila pump petrol. Datang City Square shopping pun kata dia orang di "overseas". While they win the argument technically and literally, they make themselves look like clowns telling people they are "overseas" when they are in CS shopping for pirated handbags and DVDs.

Memalukan diri je.

And to rub it in, read this

Makes you laugh, don't it?




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