Sunday, 28 March 2010

kof sirap lojik.

my mum and i had a little debate about cough syrups.

i have had a couple of days of coughing, it's not too serious, but the coughing has brought me some headaches.

last night i administered some bena expectorant (sum powderfool shiet) and as expect(orant)-ed, i hit my pillows like a sack of cement.

and as expectorant-ed, i woke up today feeling light-headed. a feeling which i hate. so i really try to reduce taking bena as much as i could.

my coughing now is not so bad, just skali-skala. but my mum asked me why am i not taking my med (sirap la). debate starts.

me: ma, do you know cough syrups are addictive and they make me drowsy? and why would i want to take it when i'm not coughing?!

mother: why would you want to wait till you're coughing again to take it? why don't you take it now to stop further coughing?

me: MA!!! cough syrups are to suppress coughs! meaning to stop coughing when you ARE coughing! if i want to prevent further coughing antibiotics would do it, don't you think?!!!!

mum doesn't believe me.

oh god.

*upon wiki-ing, i realised that cough suppresants suppress the URGE to cough in dry coughs. so my mum was half-right. but my med is is expectorant, not suppressant. so i'm right. HA!*

P/S: according to this wiki page, i'm totally wrong! hahahahaha!!! mum is rite. whoops!


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