Thursday, 25 February 2010

Transport pains.

I work the night shift. I am chauffeured every night to my doorstep by the van uncle. Sometimes it's an malay uncle, sometimes it's an indian uncle.

When the Indian uncle is on duty, I really wanna bang my head against the wall. Coz the only thing he listens on the radio is those prehistoric kuno indian songs about "I love you, why our parents separate us, why you have to die blablabla" (this I found out from another fellow van passenger).

And then today, I heard art. I heard the traditional, classical Indian music that I considered art. The type where the male singer goes like turkey and slamming that tabla like wut.

I was kinda enjoying until...

I heard the lyrics "I love you". Then I knew. Another shitty song in disguise. FML.


Songs that make me cry

Rob Thomas - Her Diamonds
Don McLean - Vincent
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah

And this song... If ever you could play this piece of music with bass blasting all over in a silent room, the reverberating sounds will touch your soul...


Joyce said...

HAHAHAHA.. Love your van uncle la. How did u recognise the lyrics "i love you" in that song la? You already good in tamil/hindi eh? Nice~!

rojakrojak said...

it was in english! lol

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