Friday, 8 January 2010

Random thoughts

I started the year with my brother's wedding, tiring but a bit fun lah, I would say. Maybe the fun part is people start staring at you with their jaw drops and in a disbelieve state of shock and stutter when they begin to talk to you.

It's really funny!

Then, switched jobs for the x times, and you guys must start to wonder how come i job hopped so much?! Oh well, miracle do happen =p

Received a super big cute prezzie from cookie monster =p Its a bit early but, hehe, I love it!

I've started this year with lots of waiting. It has just been a week and I am already starting to complain. Haha. Brace it Ming eng!

Melaka tomorrow! Yays!

Now you know why? LOL


rojakrojak said...




melaka? i want jiken lais T_T

Eveleen said...

You looked gorgeous!! :D

Edrea said...

Thanx eveleen!

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