Tuesday, 24 November 2009

I've commited sinS

It's a sin to :-

1. Wear dresses to work and your dressing catches attention of male colleagues and they passes off remarks.

2. Smile at others at work.

3. Be too friendly to others.

4. Be too helpful.

5. Be innocent and people gives u glares as if you are a threat to them.

6. Wear black stockings to work.

7. Say hello and the other party would just give u a stare from top to bottom and walk off with a what's-so-big-deal-about-you face.

Its just get more and more frustrating. Arghz.


sleepy said...

Wear dress also a sin? But why?? And black stockings too? Mengapa???

Oh but i can so relate to #3 & #4. Sometimes to be cruel to others is being good to yourself. That's what i learnt and yet always fail to do so.. sighs. haha. =)

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