Saturday, 21 November 2009


Its Saturday.

My body isn't in a good shape recently. Bought a pair of jogging shoes today. Maybe I should keep up with my daily routine again. gah.

My dad says he want to watch 2012 with me and mum. I guess the best time should be weekends. But i don't forsee free weekends next week or maybe till next year? oops.

Things happened this few months sets me thinking ahead. My future.

Hoho. At different stages of life, different desires pop up. And maybe I have expectations, disappointments comes in frequently in situations you cannot be in full control.


Oh well, life is as such.


rojakrojak said...

omg why are u so bz on weekend de!! i work shift so i no weekend off la.. but u lei?!?!?!

sleepy said...

Oh, please tell your dad to watch Christmas Carol instead. 2012 is really another lame American movie about a hero who-can-never-die saving the world. hahaha.

But heys, time with family is more important than anything else in the world. Make time if possible. =)

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