Friday, 2 October 2009


It's Friday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm going back and the parents are BACK. My mum says she bought black socks for me. Ohhhh.... and she says, I should get dressed up already. HOHO.

Went out with nor nor yesterday and she says, we should learn and get dressed up. OOPS, it should be me only. Hahaha... cos it seems, she already a bit pro in dressing up. HAHAHA.


Counting down, 4 working days.


She says: Ming Eng ah, your job there got single guys mah?
I say : Got. (Die liao, hinting liao)
She says : Then, is there any guy U see le then your heart move(xin dong) ah?
I say : *faintz*


Guys always says girls are different and all girls are so complex lor. So ah, I don't deny girls can get a little complicated at times, but I think there'll be some girls who are simple yet a little complicated.

There's this person who say, why don't you blog on the PERFECT man you have in mind.

Of course, as every girl have in mind, the guy must be understanding and caring LAH. Throw in a lot of patience, mind you. I think thats the basic.

Hurm, next up, I hear my girlfriends telling me, she always want the guy to take the inititive to hold hands first and cannot get too close to other girl-friend of his. I would say that it'll be a give and take factor. I don't think limiting their circle of friends would be fair cos you wouldn't want him to limit you as well.

And ah, there's this guy who say to me once, "Of course lah, everytime I take the initiative to hold the gurl's hand I will feel insecure." But then, don't you also think of if the girl always had to take the initiative to hold the guys hand, the girl will also feel insecure? So on this, it's a give and take thing. Gurls, sometimes you do have to take the initiative to hold his hand lor. And guys, don think your gurl can be taken for granted, do take the initiative sometimes.

(oh gawd, this post is getting a bit long.)

Oh and, some people tend to be super possesive. Unless both are the same kind, otherwise I think the other one cannot take it for long term.

Oh, there's another factor which I personally think I should include. Don't be overly dependent on the other half. This would do you bad. You tend to rely too much and then have many disappointments along the way. It will also be a burden to the other one. However ah, I donno why ah, some of my guy friend tells me, the girl should be weak or "act" weak. Then only the guy can protect her MAH. *rolls eye*

I would say to a certain extent bah. Thats why I say don't be overly-dependent.

One more thing, gentleman-ness. hahaha... I seriously think ah, this one ah, though many girls will wish for but however this species type of guy is hardly found in our age. Sad to say, I only manage to find it in more matured guys meaning, older guys lah. So far, I manage to bump into like, 2-3? Hahaha... I have one in my officeeeeeeeeeeee! OOPS.

Ah, I think thats all I can choke up for this morning.

To that whoever you : As per requested.


rojakrojak said...


haven't seen a post so long from you in ages!!!

great to have you back on board! ahhahahhaa

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