Saturday, 3 October 2009


Relaxing, slacking, ahh...isn't that good for a weekend when the parents are back?

Having breakfast, lunch and dinner with the laughter and story updates from everyone. It's a bliss. I'm that simple. =)


He says : He noticed most of the Fridays things will happen.
I say : Got meh?


She says : The girls over there wore very pretty. The dressed up themselves and I could't take my eyes off their dressing.

I say : Ya, it's their culture and it's really pretty.

She says : YA. And I got you those.

I says : WOKAY. *big eyes*


She says : Ming Eng, do you wear make up to work?

I say : No leh.

She say : Why? You should wear mah, then pretty pretty.

I say : Cos my dad says natural is beauty lor.


Maybe, I have overlooked that we are actually the same. We need the familiar environment close to us. And they are right, your ego has won over you. No doubt you are right too, any human at some point of time, are frail emotionally.

After all the hintings the mother had done, the daughter decided that well, she should make an effort. To begin to learn to dress up herself.

And the daughter thinks its much more harder than climbing the mount everest.

So she will try-lah.


rojakrojak said...


sleepy said...

Yes yes!!! The daughter should learn to climb that "mountain" and come out of the "shell" and beautify herself when going to work. heee.. =D
But of cos, putting on makeup doesn't have to be as thich as Rosie's makeup. Just simple ones to define the beauty you already have. ;)

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