Thursday, 24 September 2009

I don't believe in such BS.

Some people like to sell bullshit things. Things that can miraculously cure any disease or illness. When asked for formal research papers published in established journals, they can only provide brochures or publications meant for internal use.

Half the things these people know about their bullshit products comes from "seminars" and also upline coachings, which is half-arsed knowledge passed down, and passed to their gullible customers. 

I might have rambled about this before, but let me repeat this again.

Imagine the situation where someone in Miss A's family is very sick with something. Let's say, the mother is down with breast cancer. Needing surgery and the surgery requires a lot of money. Then some conman multi level marketing bullshiter comes and quotes bogus cases where the product has miraculously cured other people's cancer, and let's say Miss A believes the bullshit fed to her, and buys the bullshit product at a ridiculous price of let's say, USD500.

Bullshit product being bullshit, it doesn't work (as expected). So what is Miss A left with? A profound mistrust from whom (the bullshit salesman) she expected great help, a broken faith on the bullshit product, and USD500 less of treatment fund for the mother.

To the salesmen like this, I ask if they have any conscience. To the deceived ones, I implore them to not believe in bullshit like this. To the MLM companies, I tell them to fuck off and stop cheating people's money.


Grumps said...

i dreamt of you!
i was at your house, with my mom and your mom also there! and she cooked for us lehhh

i don't really rmb but i would like to think there was vegetarian char siew involved...slurps LOL

your mom very friendly leh in the dream! hahaha

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