Thursday, 10 September 2009

Cari pasal.

In accordance to my previous post about some annoying people, one of them got me damn panas and on fire today.

This stupid cow, she never pays any attention in class, never tried to understand what’s being taught, never tried to organise her notes so that she can understand what she’s writing. SHE NEVER DID ANY OF THOSE. And she never retains any memory of anything that’s been taught. And today while on a buddy system, our trainer put me with her, when I prayed to a God that I can’t prove exist that I never wanna be put next to her.

And lo and behold, she did exactly I expected her to do. Which is, not having any idea of where to go in the system to find the relevant information. I got impatient after repeating the same shit for umpteen times, and I asked her if she listened to anything the trainer said during the training and I advised her to organise her notes properly. I said all of that in a damn bloody pekchek tone.

What happened next was, she went ahead and drama with everyone else, saying that whatever confidence she had had disappeared, and all the things she had “learnt” all disappeared from her mind. (As though she had retained any knowledge from all the training.)

Something happened in between, which I don’t know what because I wasn’t there, and this became a big issue involving almost everyone in the class and even the trainer got to know about it.

Seeing that this all started because of my impatience and the bad tone I took with that stupid cow, I went to the trainer and told her that there’s gonna be some drama going on, and explained things on my part (w/out knowing that she knows about it already).

Trainer then gathered the whole class and tried to suss out information from the ones involved (when she already collected enough information beforehand). Everyone sang the same tune about what happened (because that WAS what happened) but this stupid cow had her own story and tried to twist the facts like nobody’s bloody business.

I admitted in front of everybody that I was at fault for taking the bad tone, but also clarified that I will stand by my words that she doesn’t even know what is going on in the class, because it is true. She then tried to make herself look like a victim *thinks of another self-victimising old “friend” in Convent and SIGS* and tried to gain pity from everyone else, but everyone saw her for what she was: a stupid, vain, fugs dumb idiot who’s trying to wriggle her way out of things when it’s already very evident she’s not gonna go anywhere.

We all took our turns to explain what happened from our own point of view. Of course everyone will have our own turn and time to say what we wanna say. When we were clarifying our parts one by one, she kept interrupting and even though the trainer kept asking her to shut it, she wouldn’t keep quiet. But when SHE was talking, no one can cut in, coz she’ll keep telling everyone to listen to her. When it was my turn to talk, she (as expected) interrupted me and I shouted at her saying, “When you talking no one can interrupt, right? So keep quiet and let me finish my story first” or something along that line but (as expected) she never did shut her trap for one second.

Then the big boss walked in, just in the midst of me and that bitch and I shouting at each other. He didn’t know what was going on, he just thought that we were playing games in the classroom and got overexcited doing it. He couldn’t have walked in at a better time than that.

We then pretended nothing happened and listened to him talk, and after that things almost went back to normal. OR SO IT SEEMED. We started class shortly after boss left. Later on in between lessons, we went on a short break and I went to pangsai in the toilet. OF ALL PLACES, this stupid cow brought a classmate of ours into the toilet and started complaining about Miss B, another one of our classmates who, like me, hates stupid cow’s guts.

I shitted all I had to shit, and I stomped out of the toilet to let that cow know I heard all that’s been said. I went back to the class and told Miss B everything I heard.

This stupid cow and her good friend took a damn long time to come back from the toilet and the trainer gave warning about taking our own sweet time going to the toilet. I was laughing in my heart, feeling damn syiok that this cow kena taruk from our trainer.

After work, stupid cow sms-ed me this:
Maureen, 1st of all, i would like 2 apologize 4 e’ting since m’ng til now.. BUT PLS TRY 2 U’STAN.. [her standard line] Ist, [can’t even spell 1st] i neva said a’ting bad about u 2 yaso [our trainer]. I can’t believe tat even yaso is biased wit them. Wen i told them tat i m feelin so far behind e’body they actually u’stood tat m blaming u 4 e’ting. Juz now in the toilet, i realy don y u walk off like tat. I was talking about s’body else [which is Miss B]. It was selvam [another classmate] who started e’ting n i juz said tat m feeling very low coz i m so far behind. But sum troublemakers around here simply likes to create tings n m very pissed off. Frankly i realy admire ur ability in handling cardpac. [PTUI! Seriously, my ability in handling cardpac had nothing to do with ANYTHING so I dono why this cow brought this up.] Again if u stil tink m in fault, pls 4giv me. It was not at al my fault. M realy tinking of giving up now. [PLEASE DO.] Tank u al 4 guidance. I’ll go home and tink wether m realy up 2 tiz job.. If u stil doubt me, u can clarify wiv naz.. I no u r hurt [NO, I’ll never get hurt about this, coz I never get hurt over people I don’t give shit about] but i m realy hurt wen i tink of the way u got influenced wiv them.. Tank u. Tc.

Limpeh didn’t wanna bloody reply her, thinking wanna let it go. BUDDEN limpeh cannot. Must say something to taruk her. Drafted a long essay too, but then thought, why should I waste more credit than I should. So in the end I sent this:
Vani, it’s over ok? All i can say is, take responsibility for your own life, and stop finding excuses and fingerpoint at other ppl when things go wrong. And i don care whether you’ve said anything to yaso, and i can tell you, yaso didn’t pilih kasih with anyone. Get your facts right.

Cow replied:
K tank u.. Mayb u r rite, its no point explaining or talking bout a’ting after tiz.. Tc. Gud luck.

LIKE FUCK. THE ISSUE ISN’T EVEN ABOUT WHO COMPLAINED ABOUT WHO. IT WAS ABOUT HER NOT LEARNING A THING ALL THESE WHILE IN THE CLASS. She never answered anything the trainer asked during the grilling, but kept whining about irrelevant shit.

E.g. conversation:
Yaso: You got take notes in class?
Dumb Cow: No, it’s like this, I sometimes cannot understand, I very blur, and I told Maureen to forgive m-
Dumb Cow: I myself wrote the notes (goes on another tirade of irrelevant shit that nobody believes.)

CONCLUSION: She never admits to her wrongs, always makes herself look like the victim, never answers what’s being asked, and points fingers at other people for her own mistakes. And the best thing is, EVERYTHING SHE SAYS WILL BE BESIDE THE POINT. It’s sooooo far from the point that it’s not even on the same planet, or in the same galaxy.

Limpeh so damn bloody geram at her, and under the prompting of Miss B I will show that sms she sent me to our trainer. Let’s see how she fares after she badmouths her trainer and leaves trace of it in another person’s hands. ESPECIALLY when this person is me, and ESPECIALLY when this person is me and I DON’T LIKE HER.

Let’s see how she dies.


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