Friday, 4 September 2009

Annoyance to the MAX

Sometimes you meet people who have some wayar and some nuts and bolts missing in the head. This kind of cuckoo people can drive you crazy.

Specimen #1:
A person who always like to pretend like she knows a lot about something, and is always trying her best to show the world about the things she “knows” about. BUT, the catch is, she doesn’t know no shit, and by the time she caught on with what’s going on and starts trying to show her “knowledge”, the whole crowd has already moved on to other things.

E.g., everyone has reached P, only then this person starts to show off her knowledge of A.

In a nutshell, DELAYED TELECAST.


Specimen #2:
A person who loves to cut in on any conversation and take over. Loves to pick up all conversations/discussions halfway and show off knowledge. Appears to be intelligent. Wants to tell the world he knows everything. When in fact, if it came down to crunchtime, he wouldn’t make it. Not even near to making it. Just a noisy, empty vessel.



I made a conclusion from these two individuals. Some people are just born with genetic diseases/defects. These two were born without the genetic code for “STOP TALKING AND SHUT THE FUCK UP”.


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