Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Stupidity that I call Singaporeans.

Singaporeans can be very smart la, but when it comes to driving on Malaysian roads hor, they can be extremely shitupiak.

Imagine the end of a row of shops. Then imagine a long, van-like vehicle (the posh, expensive type of course) parked with the front of the vehicle at the corner of the end of the shop row, and the backside of the vehicle facing outside.

This was how a Singaporean parked his posh ride. And this happens to be one of the turns in a bus route.

Long story of a stupid Singaporean cut short, the side of the bus nicely scraped the backside of the car, and I had the front row seat coz the spot where bus-side met car-backside was right under my window. So I got a shock at how the bus driver could drive until kena someone’s car, then I realised the car was parked at a stupid spot at a stupid angle, and with its stupid length, it was bound to be scraped by any bus that came along.

And when the bus had gone some distance, this Singaporean pulled the bus to one side and with his camera in hand, demanded the driver to get off the bus. So that stupid SGean driver made noise blablabla took pictures as proof blablabla most prolly tried to ask for compensation blablabla and most of all prolly will try to get on Singaporean TV to complain about Malaysian bus drivers and get his 5minutes of fame blablabla. Wasted a good whole 10minutes of my time, when I was already late.

Well I say, FUCK YOU, Mr Stupid-Dono-How-To-Park-Car-But-Wanna-Make-Noise-When-Kena-Langgar Singaporean Driver. Dono how to survive Malaysian road, then don’t cincai park. You think the bus feller give a hoot just because you got your camera? Tough luck, buddy. You deserved it. Pay for the damage yourself.



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