Sunday, 12 July 2009

58100 and 43600

Today, I took a 2.45pm train to KL and arrived at 9.20pm. That’s almost a 7hr train ride. It took so long for the train to arrive today because it seems that the tracks just had some maintenance done. The train had to travel very slowly in order to prevent any accidents. Even at a crawling speed the train was very wobbly, so I think it was a good measure to travel slowly…

I took another train from KL Central to Mid Valley to meet my host for the night and she drove me to eat supper and we just had some pillow talk and did what high school girls do during sleepovers… We’re gonna hang out the whole day tmr until I head on to another friend’s house in KL.

This is a short update, and it’s really one of those “update-you-with-every-detail-of-my-life” post.



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