Monday, 6 April 2009

Socially Disabled.

I'm kinda socially disabled in some ways, coz sometimes I don't get it when people give cues to me.

That is why I'm kinda confused in some ways about something.

Sometimes I know certain people who know each other, and this person will tell me things, that person will tell me things.

I can't tell if things this person told me is actually a message for that person cos this person knows I talk to that person. E.g. "I feel that A is blablabla thus I wish A is more/less blablabla". And that person would say things that sound like what that person wants to say to this person but daren't say in case that person gets stormed by this person.

I don't know if those things are actually said in hopes it will reach the other person's ears, they are said in confidance or they're said without cares of how I handle the information.

Life of a hopeless kepoh *points to self*. Sigh.

PS: Sorry for being so morbid in the last post.  I can imagine some of you may have boycotted this site for a long time until the last update has gone into archive XD


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