Monday, 23 March 2009

Mentally abused.

Today has been a tiring day for my mind.

Deadlines piling up.

Workload piling up.

Sooner or later I'd be growing piles =_=

I didn't have enough sleep, mostly due to the whacked out sleeping cycle that I have right now. After Ski Man's [Sukiman] class, Prem and I tried our luck calling our lecturer again to get our assignment topic. And I got a big shock when that dude actually picked up the phone and told us we could go over like, right now.

And we went all the way to the engineering faculty [anyone can tell you it's the second most god-forsaken location for a faculty, with the law fac taking the win]. By bus of course.

Met with the lecturer [at long last!] and went to the engineering fac cafe to have a taste at their legendary super sedap chicken rice for the first time!!! Except it's only available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. =_=

Makan-ed, took a bus and I got off at my fac while Prem when to meet her friends. Headed back to lab and got started around 2pm. And I chionged all the way till 9pm and only got 4 results done. 7hrs and only 4results. You see why my work is so exhausting? The fifth result was a screw-up and I was so mentally wasted I decided to leave the things there uncleaned and clean them when I go for lab tmr.


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