Tuesday, 2 December 2008

29th November 2008

Mamsy had to go to the dentist’s, and after the dentist’s our next stop was 新海珍鸭肉面 shop. The phenomenon of this shop is that there’s another duck rice shop beside it, and another one across the one beside it. Here’s how it is:

It’s one thing to have a rival in the same of shops but one across yours and another one just beside? My, my… The bosses must have some kind of “rapport”…

Jalan itik I made up the Jln Itik. Hehehe…

This is prolly the fifth or sixth time I’ve been there, but this is the only time I managed to notice the surroundings and realised that there were 3 shops together.

We ordered the “kiam cai”, stir-fried cabbage, duck meat [duh] and also the duck wings.

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I didn’t take a picture of the soup coz it was just soup [-_-"]

The rice isn’t the blackish soy-sauced type of rice like the one in TJ Kopitiam near Tasek Plaza, but just normal rice with a little bit of “lor chap” on it.

Next stop, brother drove us to the small Malay hawker centre on Jalan Kebudayaan for the cendol there.

The setting of the place is quite cute: there’s a tuk-tuk car shell there ^^


I forgot the name of the shop, but it’s just outside… The rest of the stalls are inside, and they were all closed. It prolly was too early for business.

I ordered cendol with kacang [never knew the ori cendol is without kacang –_–"] as did mamsy, brother ordered the ori type.

11292008(008)11292008(010) 11292008(009) copy

After having the cendol, brother ordered another one for himself and also the rojak [Penang type]. But I was kinda full so I ate only a small portion. Besides, it was more sour than it was “heh kor-ish”. There’s a mobile truck that goes around my house every week that make better rojak ler…


The aftermath:11292008(013)

Hepinyer aku… ^^  

Makan agenda: First half, settle!


sleepy said...

Oooh.. is the chendol nice? I'm in search of the best chendol and ais kacang in JB. Anyone knows a good place? haha.. =)

rojakrojak said...

this one is in tmn u,quite nice. but the one at the wisma persekutuan hawker is better ^^

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