Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Sting of the day.


You wanna know what the hell happened to me?

Limpeh was just studying peacefully while lurking in KSCB right, then this bee came and fly here fly there.

I usually stay still whenever a bee is around, but this bee too much, it kept flying at my armpit.

So I tried to shoo it away and TMD that stupid bee stung me.

At my armpit.

My right armpit.

I've never been stung by a bee so I don't know whether I am allergic to it. So I thought to myself: "If I have an allergic reaction now would I have enough time to seek help?"

But luckily other than a lot of pain and a little temperature rise at around the stung area, I am ok.

But the thing is... Will my arm be swollen tmr????? I have an exam at 8.30am damnit!!! If there's any problem tmr I hope it won't affect my writing, I am right-handed, damnit!

I find comfort in knowing bees die after they sting people. BUAHAHAHAHAHA DIE YOU BABI SIAL BEE....

On close inspection of its body, I found that the abdomen is totally empty. I knew a bee's innards would come out together with the sting, mahai I never knew EVERYTHING comes out. But good for that bugger. It deserved it.

Now. Click here, and here.


sleepy said...

Wah... love that dictionary man. So TRUE! hahaha.. Thanks for sharing!
Oh, and do get that armpit check ya? Hope you did well for that paper. And just wanted to say... "Why, mr. bee? Why do this to yourself??" lol..

rojakrojak said...

Miss Bee actually, coz worker bees are females XD

that armpit is ok la.. i have no allergic reaction so it's fine... thanks for asking joycie dear!!!

J said...

that is one sweet as armpit you've got there!!!

rojakrojak said...

J, yeah like so siao and suicidal right, the bee? if the sting didn't kill it the smell of my armpit would have killed it too...

stupid bee...

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