Sunday, 16 November 2008


Is it because I break promises, or is it because people break their promises to me that I don't believe in promises anymore?

Promises used to be so simple. We would use our pinkies and make promises. But as time goes by, you realise some promises were never kept, or were just simply forgotten.

Knowing promises are such fragile things, I scorn at some things people say, because oftentimes they just don't mean it. They say things just to get what they want. And sooner and later the promises made will be broken.

Is this the reason why people lie behind people's backs, they cheat when they think nobody's looking, they steal from people they make promises to?

Are there no genuine promises in this world?

If you know you can't keep the promises you make, don't say it in the first place. The damage begins when people say things they don't mean and others believe it.

Have you made promises to people that you can't keep?


[ - eVe - ] said...

hey !~ im so moved la. thx so much for remembering my ....wat isit ah? my vocab still not good enough. hehe. oh, cut the crap. glad u rememeber i like privacy. =)

yea, ur comments are very long. aha. meaning, u agree with that topic. just that, muz be wise before making that decision right ? haha... im bit blur. sorry, im quite slow in catching up. *_*

and for ur this post. i agree strongly with u. i dont like ppl who break their promises. it's like, even some little little things like meetin u up at a time both u n ur fren had already agreed on, then the next min u found out ur fren forgot ! and even, like, already promised wanna do a small favor for u, the next day, ur fren forgot abt it. cos ur fren just treats u like someone "small", thats my opinion abt these kind of frens lo.

it hurts lo. im the type of person who treasures frenships. i know not only me alone will treature frenships. but, some ppl just take frens for granted lo.

sometimes, little little things ar, will also show one's sincerity and trust. even small small favours also ur fren cant do it for u, then wat more when it comes to a bigger one ? u ll begin to lose trust on them. n later, to find that they are not even close to being sincere to be one of ur close frens.

im talking abt close frens here. of course, close frens only we ll mind abt how they treat us right ?

i guess some people just dont know the meaning of promise. they make it like its just some plain words, and then forget abt it.

i hav frens who had already promised to send me mails or maybe pics. but they still forget the next day. though i already reminded them like, ten times. it depends also. im angry with these kind of frens. however, just sending me pics are not really a big-a-deal right ? as long as they are there for u when u need them by ur side.

so, it still depend on situations n wat type of promises one made.

all in all, i still dislike ppl who easily break promises. they give me a bad impressions abt themselves. n most importantly, they are telling me that they dont treasure our frenship. =)

seriously, i love this topic u just posted. haha. sorry that my blog doesnt hav comments section la. aih. lousy.

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