Thursday, 20 November 2008

Longkang-er, and the longkang-ed.

Say, you're sad about something.

You need time and distractions to get rid of this sadness.

Then you found a place, where nothing matters, anything goes.

But once you know more and more about the people that didn't matter to you before, you find that they're in the same shoes as you.

Do you find comfort in knowing you're not alone?

Or do you feel even more upset that this kind of sadness happens to others too?

Do you get reminded of your own sadness when you see theirs?

Since I know the pain, it saddens me to see others go through it too.

It never was easy, never will be, and I know it's not easy for anyone, even those who seem happy all the time.

I need to climb out of the longkang now. Sigh...


[ - eVe - ] said...

eRrr.... wat ru talking abt actualy ? wat longkang ? haha...

hmm, to me, ill agree with those 3 points u mentioned. =)

rojakrojak said...


nothing lar.. it's something only I know... XD

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