Friday, 7 November 2008

Hotmail is... not so hot.

Hotmail always got on my nerves. Gmail is very fast, and even with the fancy schmancy interface yahoo mail had, it was a bit slow but I still got my mails read.

But the new hotmail, it got on my nerves even further. Already the old hotmail was slow, now they have a new interface that guaranteed even slower speed. I tried for 2 hours, didn't even get to my inbox.

I don't understand. Why is it that IE and hotmail [by-products of Bill Gates's "genius mind"] always made it a point to look so darn pretty but not be practically functional? They take FOREVER to use: IE takes FOREVER start and open a new BLANK tab and hotmail, like I said, just failed completely.

The person who came up with hotmail's new interface need to reflect on what he/she had done. This person should definitely open a gmail account and see how fast it opens due to its simple design. Who cares if it looks boring?!?! As long as it gets the job done [ie get the mails read] I don't care if it looks boring.

Shitty nutjobs in Windows company. Pfft.


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