Thursday, 27 November 2008

Homeward Bound

The night of 24th November I spent chatting on KSCB, made last minute adjustments for my 30th Nov outing and afterwards took my leave to pack my things.

I realised I didn’t have that many things to pack, as I earlier thought I would. So I ended up having my own private karaoke session in my room. [I miss karaoke… T~T]

I ended up spending the whole night awake, and when the morning came, I took a good shower and brought my bags and left my room to go have a good breakfast before heading out to take my morning train home.

After my nasi goreng, I took a bus out to the KTM station, and an ang moh lady got on the bus with me. The bus fare was RM1, and she only had RM10. So she asked me if I had any change. All I had in my wallet were one ringgit notes but I was worried if I changed it all with her I might not have enough money to take a bus home when I reach JB. So what did I do? I paid for her despite all her protests. I kept telling her it’s okay but she kept fumbling for money in her bag. I was hoping she’d keep the money and pay it forward in the future in case anyone needs any help. But another passenger offered her the change and she paid me back. Does that mean my karma points did not increase at all? Or was the thought of helping her itself was sufficient for me to gain my karma points? Hurm…

Not having any sleep the night before, I fell asleep for a while on the train ride from UKM station to Kajang station. Luckily I woke up when it stopped. I alighted and waited for my train to JB. I was half an hour early and was so sleepy but I forced myself to stay awake in case I missed the train. Finally the train arrived and limpeh was blerdy excited to go home…

All along the whole train ride, no one sat beside me and I was sleeping the whole time. So much so that I nearly didn’t get off the train when it reached JB. I had to ask the ah pek behind me. I felt the other passengers look at me in a WTF? manner but who cares [nyek!] and I rushed off the train and got on a Triton bus. BLERDY HELL! The bus fare is RM3.00, ok?! Wahrao, the petrol price turun liao but the bus fare is still rising. Kanasai. And it’s not as if they have the most comfortable and newest bus, you know? If it was a new and improved bus, then ok, limpeh understand and limpeh will pay. But KAH. NAH. SAI. It’s the same old beat-up bus that I took when I was still in form 6. WHERE’S THE JUSTIFICATION FOR THIS?!?!

I was awake the whole ride home, and I absorbed my surroundings, as I’m afraid they’d be forgotten. I need to feel my roots, I need to be reminded of who I was. The last 2 relationships and that defunct friendship have taken a big toll on me. I realised I didn’t laugh as much before. I wasn’t as happy as I used to be. I needed to be by myself to discover ME again. I need to discover the joy of singlehood. I need to return to the arms of my beloved JB, even if it’s for only one week. ^^

As usual, everyone’s out at the time I arrived home, and I made myself instant noodles with pork and pig liver. OMG SEDAP SIA. I haven’t eaten pork in a long long time…

I then slept some more, and when my brother came home from work, he brought me out to have some McD. Funny, Nienie just asked me a few days back when was the last time I had McD. And thinking back, I realised it was on 1st September that I last had some McD. Nienie was so cute, she went, “kesian…” XD

When we got back, my brother told me he wants to get me started on my guitar lessons. He himself taught himself to play guitar, but he just never really had time to fully concentrate on it. I want to play guitar very badly, but when I picked it up again I remembered the reason I gave up very quickly the last time. The fingertips were tortured. Almost shredded. But this time, I’m telling myself I have to persevere. No pain no gain. GANBATTE NE!!!!!!

Now that I’m home, I am counting down to 30th November!!! W00000T~~~!!!


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