Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Avoidance Ignorance

The secret of dos and don’ts when avoiding/ignoring someone will be revealed to you today. Feeling lucky? Excited?

See, I'm not the most pleasant person to be with, and a lot of people are a nuisance to me.

So some people don’t like me, and I don’t like a lot of people.

So what happens when people who don’t like me see me on the streets or when I see people I don’t like? They avoid looking at me and I ignore each them.

But I can honestly say I am better at this game.

One thing I can teach them is that when you’re ignoring someone…


Don’t play with your phone, don’t cover your face with umbrella when people can see what your wear and can tell it’s you from your ah lian pasar malam shirt, don’t drop your head and pretend the floor is the most exciting thing to look at, don’t pretend you’re fumbling for something in your bag/pocket.


Lift your head up high, walk right past them without ever looking at them. Let them know you’re aware of their presence, but just can’t give a shit about them.

That’s how you ignore someone.

“But that’s too obvious,” you might say.


It’s either you don’t like them or they don’t like you, so why would you care about hurting their feelings? Why pretend to be nice to each other when you both know the only thing you wanna do to each other is to scratch each other’s eyeballs out?

What’s with the pretence?

The inspiration for this post would be from a dumb shit who tried to avoid me by clicking on her phone when she passed me and that’s very dumb coz she once told me that she does that whenever she’s avoiding someone [note the dumb shit nickname I gave her]; and also today I saw another dumb shit who was covered her face with her umbrella: yeah it was raining but we were under corridor awning.


So, have you learnt a thing or two about ignoring someone?


I realised SN lecturers love to said “bear in mind”. Penyakit jangkitan.


sleepy said...

wow.. very cool advice. ;)
just curious tho.. why does tht dumb shit wanna avoid/ignore u? You're roejin the babe!! I would rather die than ignore u.. She's really a dumb shit for wanting to ignore u. lols..

rojakrojak said...

like i said there are people who cant bear to see i am a living person and not lying in the coffin la. hehehe.

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