Wednesday, 17 September 2008

1dahfoo day!

To the Mr Mohamed who left a stupid comment on my blog, I don't see the relevance of that comment with the post that you commented under. And by the way, if you're trying to preach, berambuslah somewhere else, ok? Stay the hell away from my blog.


Every month we would celebrate the birthdays of our friends, an September is no exception. There are two of us whose birthday falls on 16th and I knew it was coming lol...

So Huang Ling asked me to reserve Monday night for her so of course confirm liao la.

The I met up with two others on the way to the rendez-vous spot, one of them is the other birthday girl, and the other one who is her roommate, is the chaperone for the birthday girls.

We arrived at the scene, but Shiang Lin [the other birthday girl] was on the phone and everyone got lost on how to surprise us together, since she was on the phone quite far from the cake.

After she hung up I pulled her beside me and told her to act surprised on the count of three. So act surprised we did, and the birthday song was sung!

I am the usual cake-cutter since I had the best symmetry [ehem] and this time was no exception. Distributed the cake and received wishes from my friends [one of them didn't say anything though, I'm sure you all know this is]and later on, us birthday girls, Xian Huei [Shiang Lin's roomie] and Huang Ling went to play with fireworks. Not the ones that shoot up to the sky and go boom but the type where you light it and hold it in your hand and it'd give super pretty colours and emit lots of global warming smoke.

Overall, it was a good night, and things went better the next day...


Went to class at 12noon and when it finished at 2pm I messaged ahboy to tell him I am almost ready to go so that he can prepare to pick me up at Serdang station. Usually he'd reply but he didn't this time. I didn't think too much about that and went ahead. When I got on the train I messaged him again and still no reply. I thought he was  driving.

When I reached the station I called him and guess what, he told me he just woke up. I knew he'd been sleeping a lot these days, so I kept my cool. Usually I'd have gone berserk but I was cool about it and waited for him to arrive.

When he go there he explained he slept at 12midnight until 4am for his sahur and slept back at 12noon until I called him. Then I found a parking receipt in his car for The Mines on dated 16th September and timed 11++am. So I was suspicious of something, and it wasn't a good feeling but I told myself it could be he was arranging to surprise me or something so I mentally bitch-slapped myself to get me back to my senses.

Driving driving driving then eh? We passed The Mines and he didn't stop. I went, "Hunny..." He knew I was thinking of something. I went, "Where are we going?"

LOL, I realised we were on our way to Cheras Selatan JUSCO so I asked if we were going there he buat dono. Then he turned into JUSCO and said jokingly, "Oh, so you mean THIS place is named JUSCO?"

He parked the car and surprised me with a present! I took my own sweet time unwrapping it when we were both baking in the car. And the first thing I noticed was his perfume! He sprayed his perfume all over the contents and whenever I miss that smell I will go and open the box lol.

The gifts were so pretty, they were one blouse and one hooded top. And there's another thing that is right up my alley: Oxy 10. My skin is going out of hand and I needed it! The clothes however, give me a motivation to slim down coz my 3,000 layers of fat can be seen when I wear them it's quite a bad sight seeing my fats. So one day when I slim down I will wear them proud. LOL!

We went into JUSCO, and since I haven't had my lunch he took me to Laksa Shack and I ate Singaporean Laksa which was not so much like the original Katong laksa but it's ok la.

And guess what we did after that? Hint: He gave his "first time" to me.

First time KARAOKE la, what were you thinking!

We went to Greenbox and sang. Of course K-Queen dominated the mic la. Hehehe... But it was the shortest K-session I had coz the next item on the list was: BUKA PUASA! Woohoo! [Buka for him la. I biasa only. Hehehe]

Pizza Hut was the place to go but he didn't eat too much I ate a lot coz he pushed the slices to me lol. Since I have big appetite of course I walloped everything that was in my way. 

Feeling full and satisfied, I had the urge to go to the toilet and it was long affair notgonnadivulgedetailslah.

By the time I was finished it was almost time for Ishak, so he dropped me at the Serdang station, and I got back to UKM on the now timely shuttle buses.

It was a great birthday because I felt like a million bucks! Precious and pampered!

*Waiting for next bday...*

Sorry guys, no pix coz both our phone memory cards got problem...


sleepy said...

Wah.. I'm jealous!!

I can't celebrate my birthday with close friends this year.. *sob sob*

But your boy boy was really romantic! Glad he managed to surprise you. And you deserve a mental slap, for being so suspicious! tsk tsk tsk.. =P

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