Thursday, 21 August 2008

The Scary Thing.

I have been very tired for a few days.
Yesterday was my proposal presentation, and after that I have been sleepy.
I slept through some of my friends' presentation, and I slept through my class.
The moment I reached my room at around 6pm, I didn't bathe or change my clothes. I went right to sleep.
And I woke up 9.21am this morning.
Came to fac to pass manual to a senior.
And now I am hanging out in the SN [Sains Nuklear] tutorial room which is never used for tutorial purposes, but rather used like a student lounge.
The presentation is quite cool, and I think I looked a little stupid at times when the lecturers asked me questions. 
I think I was confident and didn't whisper at the air, as some people are prone to do when it comes to public speaking. I didn't shout either, unlike two of my male coursemates. They were practically shouting through their presentation.
And I got away easy, which I don't know why, coz I practically was very underprepared compared to some of my coursemates. But thank god for that coz the lecturers can be very ruthless once they're set to get you.
All in all, it was a good day for me.


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