Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Ok, we knew this was coming.

Ok. So whenever a Western act comes to Msia for a gig, some shit-ass extremist has to come and ban them. Saying they bad influence la, they too sexy la, blablabla.

Not that I am unhappy Avril got cancelled, but look where the news got to!!! On PerezHilton!

It's such an embarrassment to us. We want them acts to come. But with the way these shit-ass people are chasing them away, sooner or later the hottest concert we'll have in 2020 would be a Nasyid act and some ustaz talking like he's high on something. Shit!

These people should just unplug TV and radio altogether and leave them to us to produce AND watch/listen! They can go back to their caves!


sleepy said...

Artistes are "refrained from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage"?? WTH?? This is absolutely absurd la.. Malaysia is so doomed.

Hmm.. I wonder what is Hotlink gonna do for those who participated in the Avril's Concert contest? They've been bugging me since forever! Now it's too bad, isn't it? haha..

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