Tuesday, 22 July 2008

The Wedding...

Ahhh... The first part of the wedding is over. And I cried so hard at the end of it coz I was sad [still am] that I've given my sister away. No matter what happened between the two of us, we still are sisters and she has given all the care she could to me and our family, and I love her deeply. To see her marry off to another family is a very sad affair.

I wish her happiness and joy, to live a life better then before. She has strived so hard to be who she is today, and she deserves a good life ahead of her. Andrew [her husband] hopefully even 50 years down the road would still bring happiness to her.

Here are the pictures...

[I am malas to rearrange all the pix, so... ]


SJ said...

waaahh cantik giler babi!!whoops i meant, very gorgeous! ur sis, the ballroom! waaahh love those centerpieces
where was it??

sleepy said...

AWWW.. So sweet!!!!
Rojak, you look very cute in your dress o! hehe..
Eh, is it me, or i can't spot your mum de? I bet she's very very happy for your sis... When's your turn rojak? hehehe.. =D

rojakrojak said...

erm... honest to say none of my friends were invited coz there was limited space, and it was meant to be for my sister's friends, then there's the "my-mother-must-invite-relatives" thing.

so. paiseh guys...

obtw i'll upload the sg dinner pix as soon as i get them

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