Monday, 14 July 2008

First night.

It's been a semi-busy day...

The first part of the day was just me crying to my bf and trying to justify why I was crying. Both for silly reasons. I know he loves me! [Me to Myself: Then stop fekkin cryin already, you needy bitch!!!!]

The second part of the day started with the arrival in UKM. The Giro which was supposed to pay off my outstanding fees didn't deduct all of the fees, so I took dinner and withdrew some cash to pay the Money Dept of UKM [that's not what they're called]. Then the sitting down on my arse waiting for the mop and a bit more of stuff that I put at my junior's.

While sitting on arse chatted with bf and realised I missed him more than I thought I would. While chatting he ordered McD delivery and I searched for articles for my final year project [let's not call it thesis la, instead we call it FYP] and a lot of the articles were only to be purchased, not read for free. So, damnit.

Then mop finally came [tadadada!] But more sitting on arse watching Transformers [guilty].

And... In one way or another I found out 2 of my gal friends are in relationships [not with each other.] Congratulations!

Tonight is the first OFFICIAL night that I have a whole room to myself. When I doing my short semester I DID have a single room, but I shared it with my roommate so it didn't count.

All my life I've shared a room with someone else. Now, NOW!!!! I am the proud owner of a single room!!!!!!!!!!

Hello, Privacy! Here I come!


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