Monday, 2 June 2008

I Ponderz

It was a big swimming complex. I wore my swimsuit, most of the others didn’t. Then two of them who wore orange dresses [which looked more like those butterfly sarong malays wear] swam off. They were swimming very slowly and when I jumped in I swam with my body horizontally half touching the water half out of the water. This made me swim like I was flying: I was swimming with super speed. I passed them two, and when I kicked the wall on the other side, I wasn’t in the water anymore. I was kicking the wall in the air. Then turning around, I was in half in the water again, and when I reached where I started, the pool started to go upwards, like a slope of pool. It’s amazing, however, because it wasn’t like a stream or something, the water is still. So I swam upwards, and got out of the pool. And when the other two [who stopped at where the pool started to slope] got out too, I saw that one of them is Shirlyn Low.

I mean, WTF? Why the hell am I dreaming of all these convent girls? Is my subconscious mind still missing convent that damn much?! I know I miss convent la, but hello? Not to this extent where I dream about them almost everyday ok! And some of them that I dreamt I rarely even spoke to. Siao liao. Sibeh kee siao liao.


What is the definition of fair?

You have 6 apples. There are three starving people. “A” needs 3 apples at least to survive one day. “B” needs 2 apples to survive one day. “C” needs only 1 to survive one day.

Is being fair

1) Giving them out equally, two apples each person?
2) Giving them how much they need, even though the amount is not equal?

Maybe before you answer you can ponder about this question in another context. Like, how much you and your siblings eat during a meal, how much attention is being paid to each sibling, the attention given to each student in class.

So, what is fairness? Giving them what they need, making sure everyone got it at the same percentage? Distributing it equally, even though some needs it more than others?


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