Wednesday, 14 May 2008

A Weird Dream

Night of 13th May.
I dreamt that I was in an Aaron Kwok concert. He was as usual, in his flashy, shining, sequined costumes, mainly purple in colour. I was somewhere in the audience but behind some curtain trying to get my cameras working. One is the one that I do have now, the other one is a lithium battery powered, which doesn’t work. And so I dragged two cameras and went to see the concert. Then I realised that the audience has been seated, much like how you would be seated in a dinner/prom.

I took a seat, at Ming Eng’s table. She was in her prefect uniform, and she was looking nervous. Suddenly she had to go somewhere, and a while after, she and the other Convent prefects in their uniforms were among the tables dancing: they were the dancers for Aaron Kwok. After the dance she changed and came back to sit at the table.

After chatting for a while I went nearer to the stage to get a closer picture of Aaron, but the cameras didn’t work, and I cursed it.


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