Thursday, 1 May 2008


Gazing up at the star map in the southern sky,
I remember once again...

How must I want to stay by your side...
If my wishes could be granted...

Let's give ourselves a little break
From acting like grown ups,
All those tears and bluffs
That we keep in our hearts.
Let's kiss goodnight...

Don't say anything,
Just hold me...
I don't want to hear anything,
I just want to feel your warmth.
I want to believe in you.
I love you, always.

On the nights we can't see one another,
I count the stars.
I swear with my heart
That I will accept,
Everything about you.
I love you, forever.

Close your eyes and think,
About how the dream we once talked about continues...

Will these feelings of comfort reach us
If we unlock our hearts?
I want you to hold me tight,
So tight so that I can't breathe.

Don't say anything,
Speak with your heart.
Remember the miracle of how we first met...
As long as you're with me,
I'm not afraid of anything.
I'm not alone and never want to be.

In those sleepless nights,
My treasured feelings
Bundle together.
Warm themWith your hands,
Now and forever.

Don't say anything,
Look at me...
On the nights when I fall apart and want to cry,
I entrust all my feelings
To the stars.
Love me, forever.

On the nights we can't see one another,
Speak with your heart.
For some reason, hearing your voice isn't enough.
Even when they are kind words,
They make me worry.
Love me, now and forever.

Love me, forever and ever.

*If someone were say this to you, how would you felt? =)


rojakrojak said...

I iz meltz yo.

I iz fiel sooper.

Edrea said...

hahaha... =D

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