Wednesday, 30 April 2008

It ran thru my head...

FSSK, 3F202
Nearing 3am

When your world is surrounded by people who stab you in the back and almost always do it unknowingly, what can you do but bear that nagging pain in the back? Stab them back and come across to everyone as the evil one? People'd just tell you, "they can't help it, you'll just have to live with it." The funniest thing is, nobody did anything wrong.

How does anyone manage to hurt so many people their wake? I'd like to try that someday. I'll just be who I am, appear nice but manage to make everyone cry and whimper.

So much torture, so little effort. One man's meat is another man's poison, you could say. Always.


Sometimes can't help but wonder if I'm actually a friend, or just "a person who tagged along." I pretty much go unnoticed except during comedy relief time. Eye contact doesn't my way much when conversation is made [without me in the first place, even though I never left the room.] I feel like a big huge TMD sibeh gigantic lightbulb. "Oops, sorry. Am I in your way? Carry on without me, please. I'll just sit in a corner pretending I don't exist." [and resume the role of a pane of very clean glass: pretty much invisible to the naked human eye and undetected unless you come awalking my way which might cause you to hear a very loud noise and feel an intense pain in your face.]

A pane of glass eventually gets bored and appears visible to get some attention for a little while. Then it's back to being a pane of glass. The work is never done. I'm probably very visible to other people all the other time, seeing how I'm such a big person. But it's magic how between you two, I just disappear, fade into oblivion.


sleepy said...

Heys.. it's very obvious this is a blog done with serious lack of sleep and huge amount of stress! Hope u're feeling better now. Regarding those 2 short-sighted idiots who can't see glass even when others can, it's their disability. And none of it is your problem. Cheer up babe! =)

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