Saturday, 12 April 2008

I'm a techie idiot

Today when I was scanning some pictures when suddenly a balloon popped, with the error message USB device not recognized, and it kept flashing and flashing. My printer can't be detected by the computer, and I spent a couple of hours researching the problem, and trying to fix it. Nothing worked, and I was all panicked and freaking out.

Then I went to HP support website, and they had this online chatting service. It's just like any hotline but in online chat format. The first guy that chatted with me was kind of stupid, he didn't know head from tails. He told me to start my pc in safe mode and try to fix it. I did, and came online again, the problem not solved.

Then I logged on again and got a girl named Monica and she was a great help. She solved my problem. How?

She asked me if I have any other USB cables.

I borrowed my roomie's.

And guess what. It worked.

4 hours of panic and the problem is the damn cable.



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