Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Things that I want to say, but too damn chicken to say it to their face.

Ok, you saw the title. Now, see if any of the below statements apply to you. [Even if I know the person I am bitching about doesn't read my blog. HAHAHAHA!]

If you want to hesitate, I think you'd be better off quitting. Just stop wasting our time and your time. If you're not quitting now, you'd better not let me know you want to quit in the future, coz I will bitchslap you, I will.

When you say "I'll try" is when I know you won't bother to. It's when I hear, "You're right, I should snap out of it" that I know at least you've woken up a little. You never listen. You always pretend to listen but you never do. Expressed.

Please stop wearing flip flop slippers to class. This is UNIVERSITY. You're embarrassing the whole of UKM and also Malaysia because this is NATIONAL Uni of M'sia. OK? Once again, flip flops are meant for the beach or the bathroom. NOT IN LECTURE HALLS!

That's all for now. If got anymore I will update.


SJ said...

ppl don't/can't wear flip flops to class isit??? lolx i always wear my flipflops even in winter sometimes cos im too lazy to wash socks HAHAHHA

but everyone here wears flipflops to uni esp during summer.
but year some unis in msia must wear proper shoes rtie

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