Thursday, 13 March 2008

Oh Crap

I don't have a fever, but I certainly feel like I do: I feel like crap now.

I need sleep, but roommate's friend just inconsiderably sat in the room and happily chatted in an un-whispering way for god knows how long [but long enough to torture me and piss me off].

I've never felt so sueh since the new year started. Today is one if those "black" days.

And then I had a constipation problem. The sai got stuck somewhere in there, and I felt damn uncomfortable, and I had to ask my friend to tapau nescafe ais to help me pass it out [nescafe makes me lao sai, usually.]

But after I got it out of my system, there was no more crappy mood, and I was glad I was able to celebrate Phang Phang's birthday with loads of kisses, hugs and laughter.

And one more good news, I might be having a new daughter-in-law, and a super pretty one at that!

Way to go, son!


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