Thursday, 6 March 2008

I'm feeling down...

The day before yesterday realised that my ear started to ache again, and I knew that I was gonna have a relapse on the infection. So yesterday went to see doctor, and she referred me to the emergency dept of Serdang Hosp.

Problem is, they made me wait 4hours over there, and all they did was give me a painkilling jab. 4 bloody hours! And ever since then I've been feeling down... Can't really smile, can't really perk up, and I have 2 exams tomorrow.

I'm trying to study now, but nothing comes to my brain, and since I turned on the PC to confirm the time for tmr's second exam, I thought I might as well blog too...

Shit week. And I haven't prepared a letter for lim keng boon to excuse myself from the PPC post mortem due to college annual dinner. GRRRR...

One thing went right, though. This year Red Crescent for college was acknowledged for its services to the college. And at least that made me feel ok. Cos I was unhappy for something else too, but I won't say why here. It's upsetting, and I'll probably be labelled stupid if I said it out loud.

Anyways, back to Schroedinger wave function I go... [stupid thing that I can't memorise...]


Edrea said...


I know u can pull through!!!

Jia You!!!
Jia You!!!
Jia You!!!

Ming Eng

市井行人 said...

no wash 4 u meh

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