Wednesday, 27 February 2008

27th Feb morning the very morning: Oh! The light at the end of tunnel.

When the road gets tough, the tough gets… syiok sendiri.

Looking back on the friendster blog I set up since 2005, I suddenly have a feeling of nostalgia. The mood that described me back then describes me now. Back then I didn’t know that I was gonna be pulled in as a committee, I just thought my job was over when PPC was over. Then it came to the day that I took the offer [which someone else didn’t want], and my crazy life hasn’t stopped ever since.

During PPC
"oh my gawd... when will this end??????????? i can't stand this anymore!!! ppc!!! my voice is cracking and my throat is aching!!! i don't even know if i'll make it to the competition day...

luckily i have a bunch of cooperative team members, we have fun when we're resting, but they also know when to get serious and step up. really proud of our kdo teams, cos we've come a long way from when we first started... and everybody has shown up with "semangat" everyday without fail. and the seniors are always there to give their support, i really appreciate them for their patience when we make our silly mistakes. but i can still see the worry in their eyes when we are slacking. really wanna do good in the competition, not for the prize, not for the fame, but for the people who have been there for us and working so hard. and to show some certain brain-impaired idiot that we can do it! so, the only thresholds right now are that idiot fat old and the competition itself. and i can't believe the news that mid term exam is before cny. that means we have absolutely no time to study for the exam. i wanna die.................................................... [and i'm coughing like hell]

on a more personal level, i think i'll have my life back after the ppc. whether it's my love life or my studying life or my not-so-busy-and-can-have-more-sleep-and-laze life, i'm gonna have it all back! yay!!!"

After PPC
"i can blog. with ease. now. because... PPC IS OVER!!! bwahahaha... i'm so happy that it's finally over, and the thing that i'm glad about is, i think our team performed very well, and this is the fruit of labour of all the seniors and the juniors... the seniors have stayed up late during exams, exhausted a lot of energy trying to calm us down during practice, [because i'm too noisy] and gave us so much support and love and nurtured us.


these seniors are the ppl who nurtured us, and gave us the biggest support when even we are doubting ourselves. they gave us the confidence to face this competition without fear. some may this is only a competition, and it is not a big deal, but from my point of view, it will be one of the most memorable experience i'll have in my life. made a lot of friends in the process, both seniors and juniors. learnt a lot of things from the seniors, and i'm glad we had a very cute and fun bunch of seniors to guide us, and made it such a happy time for us, even though we memang feel like patah oredi. [did i mention i lost weight because of ppc? hehehe...] all in all, ppc was fun, and i am happy that i had put my name down in the first place, even though the only agenda i had back then was to collect enough merit to stay in college. but now i have gained much more than that. i promise to be a good senior to my juniors, as good as you are to us... thank you for all those late nights, those happy supper time, and the biggest love you showed. love ya guys...

no matter what happens, we know where we stand, and we are here because you were there for us."

I said this before, I’ll say it again. I never regretted joining PPC, but I still kinda blame myself for not turning it all down when it came to the interview.

But then I still had fun, so I can’t complain. This bunch of juniors are crazier than our batch, and this year, somehow, the 12 participants are 6 boys and 6 girls, with 3 boys and girls in each group. That’s somehow a nice match, ain’t it?

We almost couldn’t make it; we almost had to send only one team, if not for a second year student signing herself up even though she’s not a Red Crescent member. So, this year, one of the smallest colleges sent out two teams whereas some bigger colleges only have 1 team.

This year, the tradition never changed. KIY cheated [as usual] and we were the true champions [as usual]. They thought they did badly at first, but watching them I realized that we had aimed too high. Even if that was the case, our team still made it. They beat other teams flat! Let’s just hope that the juniors get what they deserved.


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I need to have some sleep now… bonne soiree…


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