Sunday, 25 November 2007

Holiday A.S.S.I.G.N.M.E.N.T.S

Yeah, I had an assignment, given by my dear beloved mommie. Below is the conversation.

We(mum, dad and I) were having our lunch.

Mum : Eh, i forgot to tell you guys at LM(a place) there's this place selling Dvd's and Vcd's at a cheap price. Its ORIGINAL lehh....

Me : Got ar? Ok. (Not really interested as I have one more paper to go)

Mum to dad : Lets go after lunch. Got your video also. Those China films. ( My dad likes those china films featuring emperors and stuff)

Dad : OK. Lets go.

Dad to me: Hey, let's go laaa.....

Me : Don't want laaa.... I have to study lehhh...I still have one more paper to go...

Dad : Aiyah....go lah...Just go for a while only MAH.....

Mum : Yalor...go for a while la...Buy some Dvd's for your one month break....

Dad : some for your one month break..Can watch them ...

Me: Liddat ar.... ok lor...go for A WHILE hor.... A WHILE ar....

At LM,

Mum : Eh, how about this ar? ( pass me a korean drama)

Me : (takes it and read the synopsis ) Should be ok ba.

Mum : You see for yourself lah. What you want to buy. Many choices here.

Me : (smiles) OK. SURE.


I bought 5 boxes of drama's including 2 jap, 2 korean and 1 taiwan. Though its not the latest drama, i think it's enough for my one month break.

p/s: Tell me, where on earth exists such nice assignments?? (especially, its given by parents!!) heeeheeeez... =)


rojakrojak said...

haiyo! your parents so sporting!

i wish my sister would hand me some dvds and ask me to watch them.


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