Monday, 26 November 2007

The Feeling of... a short, sad, sien holiday...

It's short. 24th November till 23rd December.
It's sad. I have to spend my Christmas in campus.
It's sien. Cos... I'M MISSING SOMETHING!!!!!


sleepy said...

I miss you too!!!!!! (Hee.. I very thick skinned la.)

Aiyah.. be happy la..
Mine's more shorter than yours.. I ALSO cannot celebrate X'mas in campus. Mine lagi sien cos it's on a small small island with lousy lousy food and i did the same thing last year!

Omg.. pathetic la both of us...
Don't worry, i'll sms u on X'mas eve, rite before countdown k? Set! hahaha... =P

Norven said...

wah, miss me arh? ok lar send u some love


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