Sunday, 21 April 2013

long time no rant

Highly offensive rant.

If you’re religious, please leave.

If you’re religious, but still want to read on: Are you sure?
  • No.  Please leave.
  • Yes. Fuckadoodledo. Don’t hate me, then. Your choice.

OK. This blog has been gathering enough dust to make a dust dinosaur (bigger than a dust bunny, geddit?) and I am going to gather all that dust and make a dust dinosaur and then vacuum the dinosaur away. (Not funny, I know)

I have been meaning to post again for some time, but I haven't gotten around to doing so because I haven’t gotten any rants which I bother to blog about. Most of my rants have already been on Facebook.

So recently, this showed up on my feed:

With this caption:
Galatians 6:7
Do not be deceived: God cannot be mocked. A man reaps what he sows. WHO mocked God : Proverbs 17:5
Whoever mocks the poor shows contempt for their Maker; whoever gloats over disaster will not go unpunished.

John Lennon (Singer):
Some years before, during his interview with an American Magazine, he said:
'Christianity will end, it will disappear.
I do not have to argue about that.. I am certain.
Jesus was ok, but his subjects were too simple, today we are more famous than Him' (1966).
Lennon, after saying that the Beatles were more famous than Jesus Christ, was shot six times.

Tancredo Neves (President of Brazil ):
During the Presidential campaign,he said if he got 500,000 votes from his party, not even God would remove him from Presidency.
Sure he got the votes, but he got sick a day before being made President, then he died.

Cazuza (Bi-sexual Brazilian composer, singer and poet):
During A show in Canecio ( Rio deJaneiro ),
while smoking his cigarette, he puffed out some smoke into the air and said:'God, that's for you.'
He died at the age of 32 of LUNG CANCER in a horrible manner.

The man who built the Titanic
After the construction of Titanic, a reporter asked him how safe the Titanic would be. With an ironic tone he said:
'Not even God can sink it'
The result: I think you all know what happened to the Titanic

Marilyn Monroe (Actress)
She was visited by Billy Graham during a presentation of a show. He said the Spirit of God had sent him to preach to her. After hearing what the Preacher had to say, she said:
'I don't need your Jesus'.
A week later, she was found dead in her apartment

Bon Scott (Singer)
The ex-vocalist of the AC/DC. On one of his 1979 songs he sang: 'Don't stop me; I'm going down all the way, down the highway to hell'.
On the 19th of February 1980, Bon Scott was found dead, he had been choked by his own vomit.

Campinas (IN 2005)
In Campinas , Brazil a group of friends, drunk, went to pick up a friend.....
The mother accompanied her to the car and was so worried about the drunkenness of her friends and she said to the daughter holding her hand, who was already seated in the car: My Daughter, Go With God And May He Protect You.'
She responded: 'Only If He (God) Travels In The Trunk, Cause Inside Here.....It's Already Full '
Hours later, news came by that they had been involved in a fatal accident, everyone had died,
the car could not be recognized what type of car it had been, but surprisingly, the trunk was intact.
The police said there was no way the trunk could have remained intact. To their surprise, inside the trunk was a crate of eggs, none was broken
Christine Hewitt (Jamaican Journalist and entertainer) said the Bible (Word of God) was the worst book ever written.
In June 2006 she was found burnt beyond recognition in her motor vehicle.

Many more important people have forgotten that there is no other name that was given so much authority as the name of Jesus.
Many have died, but only Jesus died and rose again, and he is still alive....
PS: If it was a joke, you would have sent it to everyone. So are you going to have courage to share this?.
I have done my part in sharing.

Do you believe that Jesus is Holy and His name should be Glorified and not Mocked?
If you believe in him, Click write Amen!

People who know me close enough know that I can’t quite give two shits about religion, or the belief that an invisible power exists. And the reason for most of my grievances with religion is mostly the people. Heck, my only problem is the people. Yes, you can have a belief system that tells you what is good what is bad and that you should do good (sounds like Buddhism to me yo) but what I cannot swallow about all this religious hoolabaloo is that people attach fairy tales and fiction around it. If your belief is to do good, then why the extra glitter and trimmings? Sounds like a fucking tall tale to me. And it is PEOPLE who created these rules of what you can eat or not eat, what you can wear or not wear. For a person like me who can’t even stand it when being told by the BM teacher to write a karangan (I never hand in the essays anyway. First world anarchist y’all), I cannot and will not adhere to rules that don’t make no fucking sense.

Rules like:
Don’t eat pork (a rule which would have made sense if it’s the era of people not knowing not cooking pork properly can cause tapeworms)
Don’t eat beef (would make sense if it’s an era when mad cow disease is prevalent)
Don’t use contraceptives (only makes sense if you’re trying to propagate more people of your own religion so that you can rule the world. I’m looking at you, Roman Catholicism and Islam)

If the above rules are made as personal choices some valid fucking reason (e.g. “I don’t like the taste of pork, it tastes foul.” or “I don’t eat beef because my doctor said I couldn’t eat meat” or people going vegetarian because of compassion/health reasons) then yeah! I’ll accept it!

But if people follow these rules “just because a fictional book told me so” then honestly I don’t think these people are ready to think for themselves yet. So indoctrinated that they have to let a book written by fear mongers run their lives.

In a nutshell, you can be religious but please make some fucking sense.

Q:           And why exactly does this have to do with that facebook photo that showed up on my feed?
A:            It doesn’t make sense.

The girl who posted this is, in real life, a very sweet and nice person. Which is why I like her and which is why I was disappointed when I saw what she posted.
With that post she made, she is basically saying that people who have dissed Christ before, deserved to have died the way they did. And she agrees with the person who made the post in that people who dissed Christ and died of assassination deserved it.

If that is fucking true, then I wonder if I deserve my death if I died right here right now?

Everybody fucking dies. That’s what people do (I QUOTED MORIARTY, WHOOO)

Everyone dies, and fuck me sideways if any motherfucker starts to accredit my death to ”dissing Christ” and not to
  • my own stupidity (Darwinism: survival of the not so stupid)
  • my recklessness
  • my bad diet          
  • my bad sleeping patterns
  • my Doctor Who/Sherlock obsession
  • other people’s stupidity/recklessness

If I died because I did something stupid like sticking my tongue into the power outlet, then I want my epitaph to read:

bish died cuz she stoopid

...and not...


The only way my death can be related with dissing Christ is if someone cannot tolerate the dissing and stabbed me to death.

Anyway, back to the picture.
[At this point I had actually already made a few points about how the above captions were just bullshit. But I found a perfect site so if you’re interested in calling out bullshit just read this]

So yeah, that’s about the rant that I have for now. Feels good to let it out of my system.
If you have been offended by my opinion, I’m sorry you feel that way, but I am not sorry for posting my own thoughts on my own blog.
If you’re gonna hate me for this then hate me on your own space, no need to let me know, because I sure as hell did not shove this in your face and forced you to read it. So do me the same courtesy and don’t make me read about your religious “reasonings”.
And I did warn you at the beginning of the post. So if you feel offended by this then you really asked for it and most irrefutably deserve it. 


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